USPS Go Green

USPS Go Green Games

The creative team at Journey Group called on zumzing to build out their game concepts for GO Green Games, a companion suite of three online games to promote the USPS Go Green series of stamps.

Concepts & Design
Journey Group
Game Architecture & Development

Home App Architecture

Today's apps have to do a lot behind the scenes: managing security, media and animation in a way that keeps the user interface responsive, and the code clean. ZUMZING designed the foundation framework for Journey's team of interaction designers to build on.

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Home Activity Programming
Bottle Drop Start Screen

Game Engine Programming

ZUMZING developed three custom flash games for the USPS Go Green product series, a 15 square game, a memory game and "bottle drop", a target based game. All games were aimed at 5-12 year-olds with multiple levels of difficulty to accommodate the age range.