Galactive: Powered by You

17 Jan 2015

At Metal Toad I am more likely to be architecting applications than coding the implementation of them, but every once in a while the planets align and I can both design and build. The Galactive app, produced in collaboration with Ziba Design, was one such opportunity. Under the tutelage of Chris Trahey, a seasoned iOS programmer, I laid out the foundations for the data model and data access components in Core Data and instantly fell in love with XCode and iOS implementation of MVC. Galactive was a blast!

Chris and I were the devs for the intial sprints, but the credit really goes to Sam Ingle and Robert Linnemann who carried the project to completion. Galactive is fun, innovative and beautiful, and credit for that lies with the super talented Rachel Thai and Jan Barth at Ziba Design.

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Galactive: The Game Powered by You